Postmodern Jukebox Takes Over House of Blues NOLA

10:54 May 16, 2017
By: Steve Hatley

Scott Bradlee & the Postmodern Jukebox aka PMJ were last in New Orleans this past October playing a show at the Orpheum Theater.  This time around, the band opted for a more interment venue, the House of Blues.  The stage set was practically identical, just a bit cozier and the cast of characters was about the same with a few additions.  The band could have easily phoned it in, but that wasn’t the case.  The set for the most part mirrored last times, but it really didn’t matter.  The band takes fun liberties with the interpretations of songs, Scott Bradlee signature, while still managing to keep them classical and timeless. It’s the closest thing I can think of to being a classic Vaudevillian act.

I think it’s funny how they can take a song that I absolutely can’t stand and make it almost bearable. American Idol alum and fixture to PMJ Haley Reinhart was spot on as usual.  She was all over the city the second Jazz Fest weekend.  One nice surprise was when Scott came out to play piano and do an impromptu mix of audience requested songs.  It was a fun mix that included Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) / Uptown Girl (Billy Joel) / Basket Case (Green Day) / What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong).

PMJ have put together an impressive list of covers, from today’s artists and yesterday’s favorites. They could have easily played any stage out at Jazz Fest, but opted for an amazing night show instead.  The real beauty of the show is how it manages to everything seriously, even when it’s campy, and not make the audience feel left out.  One thing I really wish I would have seen more of this time around, and it’s because of the venue, is more people dressing up in their best 20s/30s garb.

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