Pokemon Go's Niantic Lacks Communication, Game Loses Popularity

13:53 August 03, 2016
By: Taylor Lust

As most know by now, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. But recently, it seems as if the popular app has taken a beating in the popularity contest.

According to Nola.com, since its launch, the game has lost popularity, due to glitches and problems. For example, the Pokemon tracker has recently stopped working, providing fans with reason to be upset.

In addition, the game shut down third-party apps that aided in players’ Pokemon “hunting”. Niantic chief executive John Hanke said that he isn’t a fan of third-party sites and apps because he “felt they hurt the game”.

Niantic, the game’s creator, was silent for quite a while regarding bugs and glitches and didn’t address fan feedback or suggestions. They have said they’re in the process of hiring a community manager for the game, and it seems that without that, they have trouble communicating with their fans. 

The main source of displeasure with the game and its company is that they’re extremely unresponsive with fan feedback. Bugs and glitches have been fixed but at an extremely slow rate. 

However, Niantic recently addressed its fans on Facebook, saying that they would “do [their] best going forward to keep [their fans] posted on what’s going on.”

It seems that until fans see a more responsive company, along with more frequent, helpful updates, the game will continue to lose popularity and fall in ranks.

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