Po-Boy Shop Owners Come Together in Fundraiser for Guy's Po-Boys

14:17 June 10, 2016
By: Daja Henry

Nothing says Southern hospitality like the atmosphere stepping into a mom and pop po-boy shop. The po-boy even derived its name from that type of hospitality. Jeff Carreras is making sure that’s still a reality for Guy’s Po-Boys. Carreras, proprietor of Tracy’s Original Irish Channel Bar, along with a small circle of other restaurant owners known for their po-boys, is putting on a fundraiser for Guy’s. On June 18, customers can pay $15 and try short sample-sized portions of different po-boys from a group of restaurants including Tracy’s, Parkway Bakery & Tavern, Parasol’s Bar & Restaurant, Ye Olde College Inn, Killer Poboys and Guy’s.

Last year, a pick-up truck barreled through the front door of Guy’s Po-boys, causing Matherne to have to shut down his shop from last December all the way up to late April this year. Carreras recognized the huge losses Guy’s was taking by missing out on Christmas, the Sugar Bowl, and Mardi Gras, so he decided to put together a little fundraiser to help out.

Justin Kennedy, manager of Parkway Baker, told The Advocate that the group felt drawn to do the fundraiser through a kinship in po-boys and through a shared stewardship of the piece of New Orleans food culture under their watch.

Marvin had never met the fellow shop-owners before they offered to do the fundraiser for him. However, he reluctantly put his pride aside and acknowledged that he needed the help. He hopes that the event will become an annual thing for others in need.

“People think we hate each other because they do po-boys and I do po-boys… We inhabit the same world,” said Matherne. Their world is one filled with the culture of New Orleans’ small mom and pop restaurants bubbling over with character. Carreras proved this to be true in helping out a po’ boy.

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