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PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans Unveils New Logo

15:26 May 25, 2017
By: Jordan Selesnick

Take a break from that iced PJ’s cold brew your drinking and look at the cup! It’s going to be one of the last time that you’ll see that logo. Why’s that? You guessed it, PJ’s new logo design is here. Proudly purple, the color is said to embody “the soul of Louisiana.” It features the ‘J’ acting friendlier than ever, hugging a coffee cup comfortably in its tail.   

The logo was announced at the PJ’s main roasting facility in New Orleans to the inner family of PJ’s friends and family this week. This is their first logo change in more than ten years, making the crew more excited than ever. The design was created by Moroch Partners and was inspired by what has been termed as the ethos of PJ’s; creating a quality cup of coffee while staying true to New Orleans hospitality.

This new design is going to begin to implement at PJ’s newest location on Magazine St. and Jackson Ave. It is PJ’s 91st location. They hope to hit the century mark by next year. PJ’s is bringing their A game because along with their fresh new logo, they are decking the Magazine and Jackson location out with the “PJ’s enhanced interior décor package.” It brings an upscale, post-modern design aesthetic while continuing to pay homage to traditional New Orleans character. This is going to be a standard for all of the new PJ’s locations.

Catch the designs all the way from New Orleans to Vietnam, or any of their other locations across the globe.

Check out their website (pjscoffee.com) and Facebook page (facebook.com/pjscoffee) for more information.

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