Courtesy of NOLA Pizza Co.

Pizza and Beer: NOLA Pizza Co. Opening Up Inside NOLA Brewing Tap Room

09:00 October 19, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

On Sunday, November 1, you can expect a new and high-quality pizza restaurant to open its doors right here in New Orleans. Coming from the parent establishment New Orleans Lager & Brewing Co. (aka NOLA Brewing) is NOLA Pizza Co., which is opening up shop on Tchoupitoulas street next month. The aim of this new joint is to bring to New Orleans a slice of the Big Apple's way of making pizza. Opening with a menu streamlined to feature New York-style pizzas, NOLA Pizza Co. is sure to both scratch the itch of many longtime pizza enthusiasts, as well as awaken the taste buds of neophytes.

Brandon Byrd, the culinary director and man spearheading this restaurant's opening, is an experienced pizza chef and has spent his fair share of time in a New York pizza kitchen. Part of his goal is matching the pizza of the Big Easy with the Big Apple, using multiple techniques to recreate even the small nuances of New York pizza. For example, even the water used in the dough-making process is filtered through a reverse-osmosis process that gives it an identical pH and mineral identity to that of the water used in New York dough.

Though the focus of the entrée menu is pizza, the NOLA Pizza Company will have a good variety of other dishes available for other meal types. Salads abound, and do not forget in your enthusiasm for pizza that the parent company is a reputable and well-liked brewery as well. You can order a variety of high-quality alcoholic beverages and cocktails to go along with your meal, including the award-winning Hoppyright Infringement IIPA craft beer.

They will be open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day of the week following their opening on November 1, so make it a point to stop by and enjoy some authentic New York pizza.

NOLA Pizza Co.: 3001 Tchoupitoulas St. (inside the NOLA Brewing Tap Room), (504) 896-9996,

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