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Pitch Perfect 2

18:00 May 14, 2015
By: Emily Hingle

***1/2 out of ****

The acapella champs, the Barden Bellas, have been disgraced by an unseemly showing of genetalia by their portly, hysterical member Fat Amy, portrayed by the rising comedienne Rebel Wilson. The vocal group is barred from competitions except for the world championships which they train heavily for in an effort to be officially reinstated in their field. 

As some members pour their heart and soul into this competition, some members are straying, navigating a foray into the real world which they'll soon face after graduation, while others, like a brand new legacy member with dreams of performing unheard of originals, tries to fit-in with the tight-knit, yet dysfunctional group throughout their senior year of mayhem. 

Not knowing what to except from this film (I don't watch such chick flicks), I was pleasently surprised by the fantastic comedy, cameos, and altogether fun atmosphere of the film. The plot and dilemmas were kept simple; the story was cohesive throughout which I find to be an issue in many newer comedies that overreach and end up losing the audience. The jokes were raunchy at times, but they were still so cute that any member of the family could watch this without being extremely offended. Not being a fan of current pop music, I was also very pleased that the crew, which included the quirky Mark Mothersbaugh, included music from many decades to appeal to all music lovers. All in all, Fat Amy did it again with the help of the Barden Bellas.

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