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Parenting During a Pandemic: Advice From the Louisiana Children's Museum

17:00 April 18, 2020
By: Alena Cover

The Louisiana Children's Museum (LCM), along with the Tulane Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, has released guidelines to help parents of young children during the pandemic.

Their guide outlines ideas for how you can talk to your children about the coronavirus, managing extreme moods or stress and anxiety in your child and in yourself, and making sure that your child feels safe.

Parents should remember that news media about the virus can be especially scary for young children and that overhearing adult conversations that aren't meant for them can also increase their anxiety.

The guide suggests fair disciplining measures and ways to make children feel empowered, rather than limited, by practicing social distancing measures. It instructs to explain to them how, through these actions, they can help keep their loved ones safe.

The guide also advises parents not to put too much pressure on themselves to get through academic curriculum and to just connect with their child as best they can. Parents working from home right now, while their children are homeschooling, are having to teach, work, and parent all at once and are understandably overwhelmed.

There are tips for developing a daily routine, as providing a structure for activities gives children a "new normal" that they can rely on. The guide provides links to information about which schools are providing free meals and links to resources for online learning. There's a list of suggested activities to fight cabin fever, such as building an indoor fort, joining in water balloon fights, gardening, cooking or baking, and drawing with sidewalk chalk.

Read LCM's full post HERE.

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