Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

16:00 October 28, 2015
By: David Vicari

* out of **** Stars

The first Paranormal Activity is an extremely effective horror movie, but because of its success it was inevitably followed by a never ending parade of inferior sequels. Now, the filmmakers claim that this sixth trip down the “found footage” hole that is Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is the final one, but I have my doubts.

Rehashed once again, a family living in a really nice house is terrorized by an unseen demon –  but they have video cameras to record it all. In fact, the husband (Chris J. Murray) in this one – who apparently can't comb his hair –  finds a homemade camera stashed in a box. This special camera has the ability to see and record things the naked eye can't see, like black goop spewing up from the floor to form a demon. No need to call the cops, the marines or even the Ghostbusters. The wife (Brit Shaw) does eventually call the most inept priest in the history of cinematic exorcising priests. It's too late, however, because the demon, with the help of a witches coven who were shoehorned into one of the previous sequels, has its grip on the couple's young daughter (Ivy George), whom it needs so it can become flesh and blood.

This is the first 3-D Paranormal Activity movie but the 3-D works only intermittently and the video image crossed with the 3-D image causes a distortion of red and blue colors bleeding from the edges of objects. Basically, it looks like you're watching an old 3-D movie without wearing those crummy red and blue glasses.

There plenty laughs in Ghost Dimension (My favorite is when the demonic kid attacks the priest.) but zero scares. This series is far past its prime and should be put to rest. 

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