Sep 22 2014

One Love Brass Band

By: Leith Tigges

One Love Brass Band
Skatober in New Orleans

Local New Orleans brass ban One Love is often described as “New Orleans meets Caribbean,” and whoever first said that was exactly right. As I listened to the happy tracks of One Love’s new album, Skatober in New Orleans, I heard reggae mixed with the traditional sounds of NOLA. It was like Bob Marley paying a visit to the Big Easy, only better, because there’s also a trumpet involved with these tunes.  While brass bands are all over New Orleans, One Love offers something new and different for its listeners. Roots reggae lovers and traditional jazz fans can all have the freedom to jam and enjoy the same album thanks to One Love. Of course One Love’s version of “One Love” is definitely worth a listen, but a track that you can’t miss is the album’s opener, “A Message to Rudy,” a great take on the classic song by the Specials. The tracks are a nice change of pace to the traditional notes of many brass bands. On days when you’re stuck in New Orleans but dreaming of Jamaica, you’ve got exactly what you should listen to. One Loves deserves all the love for these easy-going tracks.


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