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Oh, the Horror! The 2020 NOLA Horror Film Fest Goes Online

11:00 September 24, 2020
By: Brittney Forbes

This is Halloween!

COVID-19 is spooky, so people and events throughout the country have opted for virtual events this Halloween season. Halloween will definitely look different this year, but what's to stop it from spooking you virtually?

According to the organization behind the NOLA Horror Film Fest, "There are just too many variables, too many uncertainties, surrounding COVID-19 to safely present a physical festival this year. That's why the 10th annual NOLA Horror Film Fest will bring you an online virtual experience."

Every year, the NOLA Horror Film Fest is held in the Big Easy in September. And movie and horror enthusiasts can join together to share the love and appreciate the work of film auteurs.

The film fest is scheduled to go live, virtually—in real time—this weekend, September 25 - 27, showing you and your best fiends over 50 different films and 50 different screenplay finalists from around the world.

Tickets start at $8 and are available for purchasing, whether you're interested in single-screening tickets, day passes, full-weekend passes, etc.

Feature films for the weekend include The Unfamiliar, The Reckoning, Sister Tempest, and Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers.

The notable shorts include Love Bite, Smiley Death Face, Azrahel, Changling, $trip, Exit, Morbus, Polybius, Cybolica, and more. There is even a slightly comedic movie called Overkill, which follows "too-woke-for-their-own-good" college students who are being hunted by a masked killer. The key to survival is outsmarting the killer.

The film fest folks are sure that you'll miss walking up to the filmmakers and asking them questions, but don't fret. This year's panel discussions will all be held on Zoom.

Committed to "celebrating the craft and the art of genre filmmaking," the NOLA Horror Film Fest will cater to all of your frightful needs as you and your ghouls take on the weekend.

For more information on the NOLA Horror Film Fest, click HERE.

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