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NOLA’s Bureau of Revenue to Host Mardi Gras Permit Lottery

23:40 December 13, 2021
By: Gracie Wise

Need a permit for this year's Carnival season? January 10, 2022, is your chance to obtain one!

The Department of Finance, Bureau of Revenue will be hosting this year's Mardi Gras Permit Lottery in the lobby of the Civil District Court. This will mark the start of pre-pandemic life since COVID-19 restrictions flipped life in the Big Easy upside down.

Those wishing to participate must register at the Bureau of Revenue with a lottery registration card and a $1,000 sales tax deposit in hand. Registration materials must be delivered to the office by Friday, January 21, either in person or via mail--no exceptions.

The lottery will take place on Thursday, February 3 at 1:30 p.m., and the winners will attend the Fixed Location Selection Process on Saturday, February 5 at 9 a.m., where they'll be assigned a location based on their placement in the lottery. A valid photo ID will be required to attend.

For those interested in selling toys, food, and trinkets, a Walker Permit can obtained from the Revenue Office on Wednesday, February 16. Be sure to check out for more information about permits and their guidelines.

For more information about permits and lottery participation, visit or call 504-658-1643.

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