Spring Festivals Will Go On Despite Coronavirus Fears

13:24 March 05, 2020
By: Emily Ahmad

It's good news for festival lovers, as several of New Orleans' biggest festivals have announced that they will continue to go on as planned despite the growing public health concerns over the coronavirus. Jazz Fest, Buku, and the French Quarter Fest have all released statements promising that the show will go on, but they will take several precautions to ensure safety for all.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the spring, Jazz Fest is scheduled to take place over two weekends from April 23-May 3. Fans should still expect incredible performances by superstars like The Who, Lizzo, and Stevie Nicks, as a spokesperson for the festival recently stated, "We continue to prepare for a successful and safe Jazz Fest." They continued by assuring the public that the festival will take appropriate measures to mitigate the virus risks, adding, "In cooperation with city and state state officials and local tourism agencies, the Festival is monitoring the situation carefully."

Buku is another popular musical festival just around the corner. Set to occur at Mardi Gras World from March 20-21, this year's festival will feature acts like Tyler the Creator and Flume. A spokesperson for the event responded to public health concerns by stating, "Our plan remains the same as always, which is to ensure that everyone has a great, safe weekend at Buku this year." In addition to the usual precautions taken for large events, additional actions will be taken specifically to monitor public health and sanitation concerns.

Similarly, a spokesperson for the 37th annual French Quarter Fest stated, "At this time the festival is moving ahead as planned, and preparations are on track." They continued by stressing the current efforts to adhere to federal CDC standards and recommendations, adding, "We will remain in contact with all local agencies, including public health officials and hospitality leaders, to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving situation and keep fans updated should our production schedule be affected."

While New Orleans' festival-goers should certainly be relieved with this news, it is important to stay cautious and take appropriate personal measures to stay safe and healthy. In the meantime, grab yourself some hand sanitizer and get ready to enjoy the spring festival season!

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