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NOLA Named One of the Top American Cities for Burger Lovers

15:00 September 24, 2021
By: Burke Bischoff

When it comes to a standout example of American food, nothing is as mouthwatering as "heaven on a bun," aka the hamburger.

While the sandwich is now internationally famous and done with different meats in different countries, no one can top a home-grown American burger. But which American cities do it the best?

According to a study by Lawn Love, which ranked nearly 200 of the U.S. biggest cities for burger fans, our very own New Orleans ranked fairly high up with a rank of 13th out of 197. Lawn Love looked for cities with an abundance of highly rated, and even Michelin-starred, establishments that serve burgers and used that to determine their overall score, access rank, and quality rank.

In terms of New Orleans, we were given 33.70 for overall score, 8 for access rank, and 24 for quality. Compare this to the 1st place city in the study, Washington, DC, which was given an overall score of 74.45, an access rank of 17, and a quality rank of 1.

This tells us that while New Orleans gives people better or more access to burgers, the quality of our burgers pale in comparison to D.C., according to Lawn Love. Locals are bound to argue about this statistic until they're blue in the face, which is understandable given NOLA's world renown prestige as a culinary city.

In fact, after you're done reading this article, why not try some of New Orleans's local burger joints and judge for yourself? Whether it be at Company Burger or Superior Grill, or even across the river at Gretna Depot, New Orleans's burgers are sure to leave you completely satisfied.

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