NOLA County

00:00 March 24, 2014
By: 2Fik

I have decided that a real, hardcore fan of NOLA County would be a two-stepping cowboy who, when not line dancing, would probably go to poetry slams on Tuesday nights and church every Sunday. He definitely isn't ashamed to show his emotions and might be the type to be seen crying in his beer, even if his beer of choice is a PBR, which he would probably drink in a wine bar. The point here being, the excellent music on NOLA County's fabulous debut album is hard to pigeonhole into just one category. It successfully blends several genres - including folk/country and alternative, with hints of pop and even gospel. The lyrics are wrought with emotion but never lose their sense of humor, and the vocals and music are reminiscent of classic musicians such as Barenaked Ladies, Janis Joplin, and even a slightly less husky Leornard Cohen. The diverse instrumentals include everything from folksy banjo and accordion, to more modern keyboard and electric guitar, and I'm fairly certain I even caught some jazz-fueled brass in the background of at least one of the tracks. Though this is their first album, the band of New Orleanians has been playing together for nearly three years now, and performing in venues all over town and around the south. It seems all too appropriate that between the band as a whole and its members' individual music endeavors, they have played everywhere from the county fair to an art gallery, and yes, they also performed at the Trinity Episcopal Church. I would not be surprised if the same fans attended all three performances.

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