NOLA Brewing Takes Home Silver Medal at the World Beer Cup Awards

12:01 May 17, 2016
By: Anna Young

Out of 70 entries internationally, NOLA Brewing’s “Sauvage” took home the silver medal in the “Brett Beer” category for the World Beer Cup on May 6. The World Beer Cup is the most distinguished international beer competition around, and that NOLA Brewing won an award within it is a notable feat since Louisiana holds only 14 breweries in total, making it the least amount out of all the states in America.

Brett Beers are known for their wild and funky flavors that stand out from other styles of beer, but there is great effort needed in order to achieve their quality. According to the director of funk at NOLA Brewing, Alex Flores, “Sauvage” takes months longer to ferment than their regular pale ale, and on top of that, NOLA Brewing isolates their crafted beers from their regular beers in order to refine the specific tastes. The extra time and expenses spent proved altogether worthy for the judges.

“Sauvage” is one of the beers within the NOLA Funk Series offered at NOLA Brewing. With a restaurant attached to the brewery, visitors can expect their beers to be included within the recipes of the dishes to create a distinct savory experience. For the American craft beer week happening now, NOLA Brewing is offering their limited edition blood orange sour beer that is available this week only.

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