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NOCHI Recognized as One of the Top Cooking Schools in the U.S.

11:00 September 16, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

In a research article by food-service magazine Full-Service Restaurants (FSR), our very own New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute (NOCHI) is honored as ranking among the best culinary schools in the nation. As a nonprofit organization founded in 2013, NOCHI has been dedicated to turning out excellent providers of hospitality and food service for seven years now. A massive part of New Orleans's storied culture is its varied cuisine, and NOCHI's main goal is to ensure this tradition continues through the future.

As you might expect, the entire hospitality industry has been outright turned on its head with the outbreak; there are simply fewer people in-restaurant to serve than ever before. Following suit with every organization that has managed to stay afloat thus far, though, NOCHI is adapting and making ends meet via creative alternative learning plans. Utilizing a reopening plan dubbed HOSP, an online learning program with multiple stratums, NOCHI intends to continue training and putting out professionals, despite the dire circumstances. This program will include valuable information for those looking to safely reopen their businesses for in-person service and hospitality.

NOCHI recognizes the extreme danger that many hospitality-based institutions are facing right now and has made a concerted effort to ameliorate the issue by partnering with relief groups and the city itself. Efforts like the COVID-19 Meal Assistance Program are working with NOCHI to bring sustenance to those in need across the city with an estimated 60,000 fresh meals on a daily basis. This kind of support is only possible through extreme generosity and the participation of over 100 establishments, so it is no surprise that NOCHI has ranked so highly in FSR's study, given its prominence in education as well as charity in our community.

To learn more about NOCHI's values, please visit their website HERE.

NOCHI: 725 Howard Ave., (504) 891-4060, nochi.com.

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