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No Longer Whistling Dixie: Dixie Brewery is Now Faubourg Brewing

17:00 November 09, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The nothing-short-of-iconic Dixie Brewing Company has been serving beloved beer for over a century now, with no signs of stopping. And recently, they have been collaborating directly with leaders in surrounding black and brown communities to begin a process of rebranding that will help to foster an atmosphere more conducive to equality in every sense. Their new name, Faubourg Brewing Company, is steeped in New Orleans culture, and the general manager, Jim Birch, assures that they will continue on their mission to spread great beer and to celebrate every facet of New Orleans.

A humble, vacant, rather lonely lot in 1907 is where Dixie Brewery has its provenance. For decades and decades, the brewery gradually grew, both in reach and in communal love and respect, but Hurricane Katrina smashed it as hard as it did every other part of New Orleans. However, they bounced back rather well, and now, in 2020, the famous brewery is continuing operation under a new name. Until early 2021, fans of the brewery will see the same original Dixie name and label on sale at typical vendors before the rebranding efforts will take effect. But early next year, Faubourg brews will be taking the place of the soon-to-be retired Dixie.

Faubourg Brewing Company owes its return to New Orleans to Tom and Gayle Benson, the well-known owners of the New Orleans Saints. After Katrina decimated the original brewing location, their products had to be made entirely out-of-state before the Bensons aided them in their return to the Crescent City. Nowadays, Gayle survives her husband and is the majority share owner in the entirely locally owned and operated Faubourg Brewing Company and is in full accord with the name change and rebranding efforts.

Dixie Brewery/Faubourg Brewing Company: 3501 Jourdan Rd., (504) 867-4000,

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