Nightlife in New Orleans

14:38 September 04, 2019
By: Staff

New Orleans is a city that is built on contradictions, but that only makes for a more unique nightlife experience. It covers every base, and there is something for everyone; no matter if you would prefer spending your time playing Novibet casino games at a dive bar, dancing the night away at an exclusive nightclub or sipping your way through an extensive menu at a cocktail bar.

The bar scene in New Orleans is legendary and a reason why millions of people visit the city every year to see what the fuss is about, but regardless of a travellers expectancies it always surpasses them. Don't get us wrong; there is so much more to the city than purely the nightlife, but the decision on where to spend your limited evenings in this city is a daunting prospect.

Aunt Tiki's

Located in the popular French Quarter, don't be expecting umbrellas in your drinks at this classically styled dive bar. It is perfect for those that are travelling either solo or with a big group and has the most moderately priced drinks in the area. It has all the things that you would expect from a dive bar including a worn down soft, a well-stocked jukebox and an extensive bar selection. There are cocktails available on the menu, and most of which are extra-strong. However, this isn't a place that you would visit for your cocktail needs; this is the best place for beer and meeting new friends.

Not only that, but it is the perfect place for those looking to unwind after a long night with friends no matter the time as it is open 24 hours a day. The bartenders will feel more like friends, and the bar also attracts locals that are only too happy to swap stories with visitors to the city.

The Metropolitan Nightclub

If you're a big club fan and want your night to end by listening to dance, R&B or rock music then you shouldn't look any further than the Metropolitan Nightclub in the Warehouse District. It is the perfect place to get your fix of the best DJs in the city and spend your night dancing to your favourite music. One room houses the dance music while the second room in the establishment plays either hip-hop or rock depending on the night.

This isn't even mentioning the fact that there are eleven bar stations, strobe lights and smoke machines which ensures that it's a night that you will always cherish in New Orleans. It is the fullest nightclub experience in the city.

Wrong Iron On The Greenway

When you realize that this bar is the brainchild of the guys behind the Velvet Cactus and Bulldog brands; then you know that it will be a top-level bar in the city. It was first opened in early 2019 and boasts over 50 beers and 24 wines on tap, but it is cocktail menu is where the bar really comes alive.

It is the perfect place to unwind after a day exploring the city. You can relax by the fire pits watching the TV or playing games such as corn hole or bocce ball. The bar is becoming more popular, but the enormous space that it boasts ensures that it is able to deal with that problem. There is various food trucks scattered around the bar, which makes for an array of dining options.

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