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Nick Ray’s New Album “Circles” Defies Genres

10:45 August 23, 2017
By: Lauren Reeks

Nick Ray’s genre-bending new album, “Circles” is both catchy and innovative. As it turns out, “Circles” is a great title because the songs will soon be running circles in your head. A New Orleans native, Nick Ray brings a modern southern vibe with his Luke Bryan meets Sam Smith vocals. In the album, acoustic guitar and piano riffs combine with dubstep-type breakdowns and trap beats, the result being an updated take on RNB and dance music that will leave your ears feeling refreshed after so much of the same ol’ same on the radio.

If you’re just getting over a bad tinder hook-up or looking for a release valve for some emotional steam, this album may speak to you. Many of the tracks on the album are about breakups or toxic relationships. A line from the title track, “Circles” goes, “If you wanna leave in the middle of the night, I’ll understand… I know how this goes.” Another of the songs, “Won’t Go There,” features the line, “words are the weapon she uses to cut you down.” Well, it seems like Nick Ray has gotten the last word because his artistic expression is sure to connect with music lovers of any genre.

You can listen to Nick Ray’s new album, “Circles,” on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Google Play

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