New Nicolas Cage Movie Set in Grand Isle

15:07 November 08, 2019
By: Christian Willbern

From stealing the declaration of independence to transforming into a motorcycle-riding demon with a fire-engulfed skull, Nicolas Cage's starring roles have been…perplexing. His latest film, Grand Isle, doesn't appear to stray from that pattern.

The trailer is obscure. However, it's very entertaining. From the little shreds of information it gives, Cage plays a sinister husband (and possible murderer?) named Walter in a thriller set on the Grand Isle, an island a couple of hours south of New Orleans.

In the film, a hurricane traps a handyman named Buddy (Luke Benward) at Walter's and his wife Fancy's (KaDee Strickland) house. A night of terrifying events ensues, leading to Detective Jones (Kelsey Grammer) charging Buddy with murder. Buddy must recall the events and reveal dark truths about the couple to maintain his innocence.

The trailer does give glimpses into those terrifying events, like Walter trying to hire Buddy to kill Fancy, Fancy seducing Buddy, and then Walter and Buddy dueling out with gunfire and knives. Apparently, from separate dialogues with Buddy, Walter says Fancy is evil, and Fancy says the same thing about Walter. Either way, Buddy ends up killing one of them, but who?

Another thing peppered in there is Nicolas Cage's character telling Buddy, to "never go in the basement?" It's a dense maze of a trailer, leaving the viewer confused but wanting figure it out.

Directed by Stephen S. Campanelli, the film will be released this December. Campanelli is known for his work on Million Dollar Baby, Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri, and A Star is Born.

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