Image Courtesy of Faulkner House Books

New Orleans Voted 5th Most Photographed Celebrity Neighborhoods

11:00 August 27, 2021
By: Olivia Longoria

When traveling to a new city, researching what celebrities live in the area and looking up famous houses is often a popular tourist activity. Of course, in destinations like Hollywood and Orlando, celebrity sight-seeing is the number one thing to do, but there are many other cities that are home to A-listers and offer fun photo ops. used Instagram hashtags to rank cities with the most photographed celebrity neighborhoods and New Orleans was listed at number 5 with 11,600,000 Instagram hashtags!

You can find famous properties all over the city, especially in the French Quarter and Uptown neighborhoods. New Orleans's most widely known in house celeb is probably retired quarterback Drew Brees, who owns a stunning 10,800 square foot home with an open floor plan. Saints' fans have shown Brees support throughout his career by flying Saints flags all around the city! Other celebrities with homes in New Orleans include rapper Lil Wayne, actor John Goodman, and musician Aaron Neville. But the sight-seeing isn't limited to modern day mansions; many historic writers and musicians like Ella Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams spent time in the Crescent City. Famous writer William Faulkner lived in New Orleans for a period of six months in 1925. Since then, his house has been converted to Faulkner Books, a bookstore selling classic and local interest books!

In addition to celebrity properties, there's another landmark completely unique to New Orleans that is worth mentioning: Nicolas Cage's prebuilt tomb in the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. How's that for celebrity sighting!

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