New Orleans tea startup introduces summer iced tea subscription service

14:22 June 11, 2019
By: Sam Lucio

New Orleans-based tea startup, Free Your Tea, has introduced a brand new subscription service that delivers high quality loose leaf teas hand picked from the finest tea plantations in the world to members. The new subscription service specializes in cold brewed iced tea just in time for summer.

Free Your Tea is a personal tea subscription service with subscribers in almost all states and 20 countries. The company is completely centered around providing customers with premium, personalized teas. The subscription service is geared toward customers' tea discovery based on subscriber tea preferences and ratings and to have those teas delivered regularly.

According to Free Your Tea Founder, Knud Berthelsen, "80% of tea sold in the United States is iced tea, but almost all of it is low grade tea dust brewed hot and strong before being diluted with ice so the first sip is bitter and the last sip is weak."

Free Your Tea's subscription service ditches the standard use of tea powder and instead uses high quality loose leaf teas which according to Free Your Tea, the teas are sourced "wherever the best teas are to be found, mainly China and India."

The New Orleans-based startup describes their use of a whole tea leaf instead of a traditional tea bag as superior because whole tea leaves have less surface area than broken tea leaves which allows the tea leaves to keep its chemical compounds longer and remain fresh while reducing the chance of bitterness.

Knud continues to describe this process of tea making as "especially good when cold brewed in the fridge overnight as the teas provide superior taste without bitterness and without the need for melting ice to keep cool.

The iced tea subscription will allow subscribers to discover cold brewed loose leaf black, green, white, oolong, blended, and even caffeine free rooibos teas. Customers can even gift someone their very own Free Your Tea subscription and give the gift of iced tea with the subscription.

When you first subscribe, all customers will receive a sampler of six different teas to taste and rate to help Free Your Tea select future teas specifically tailored to your own favorite tastes. Free Your Tea will then use these member ratings to find teas you will most likely enjoy and deliver those teas every month along with samples of new teas you might enjoy as well.

Once the initial sample of teas have been rated by the customer, the customer will then have the option to choose between three different subscription plans priced at $20/month, $30/month or $90 for the entire summer. The $20/month "Weekly Pitcher" subscription plan will give the customer enough tea for one weekly large pitcher. The $30/month "Daily Tall Glass" plan will give the customer enough tea for a daily pint glass. The last summer subscription option, the "Summer of Tea" plan, will give the customer three months of the "Daily Tall Glass" plan as well as a free pitcher is included.

Subscribers who need more tea can upgrade their plan at any time. Also, according to Free Your Tea, at the end of the summer, the subscriptions can be paused and held until next summer or the customer can continue their iced tea subscription. All general Free Your Tea subscribers are also able to now switch to the iced tea subscription for the summer or they can add iced teas to their already existing subscriptions.

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