New Orleans Students Barred From Graduation After
Apr 09 2019

New Orleans Students Barred From Graduation After "Senior Prank" Water Gun Fight

By: Madison McLoughlin

In the spirit of April Fools, a group of students at Sophie B. Wright Charter School in New Orleans sprayed down the school with water guns and balloons. Because a student and teacher were injured and the property damaged, the students are facing a week suspension, restricted graduation rights and possible criminal or civil charges, according to school leaders.

The school was prepared for a potential prank, and had warned students that all who participated would be banned from senior activities, including graduation. However, parents believe that the punishment is too much, and the students should just apologize to the principal for their prank.

James Watson, the statement board president, said that investigations into damages to people and property will continue and "further criminal and civil actions will be determined."

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