New Orleans Saints Sign Vincent Brown, Adding to Their Wide Receiver Corps

17:01 May 23, 2016
By: Noah Stokes-Raab

Vincent Brown is a veteran wide receiver who has been in the National Football League since he was drafted in 2011, but he doesn’t have the playing time under his belt that most veteran players have.

Brown was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the third round of the 2011 draft.  His rookie season was fairly pedestrian, but not bad by any means for a rookie wide receiver.  With 329 yards and two touchdowns on 40 catches, he averaged some pretty decent stat lines for a 5’11’’ rookie receiver, with almost three catches per game.  Again, nothing to write home about, but it appeared to be the start to a promising career.

However, his next season was spent entirely on the bench after he suffered a broken ankle.  He didn’t get any playing time during that 2012 season, but he bounced back and had the best season of his career the following season, in 2013.  During that season, he wasn’t much of a scoring threat, but he increased his number of catches and his average yards per catch from his first season.  Unfortunately, Brown suffered another setback when he strained his calf just before the 2014 season.

Despite his fairly productive season in 2013, the Chargers had had enough of Brown’s injury-prone tendencies.  They ended up dropping him before the 2014 season started, allowing the Oakland Raiders to pick him up.  He didn’t produce much for the Raiders, and ended up back on the Chargers last season, but only for three games, only one of which he played for.

The New Orleans Saints recently had been looking to bring in a veteran wide receiver after dropping the beloved Marques Colston, who had played for the Saints ever since 2006 when they drafted him.  After getting rid of him and drafting a new rookie wide receiver, Michael Thomas, to compliment their other young receiver, Brandin Cooks, they wanted to sign an experienced veteran receiver to be somewhat of a mentor to these two young prospects.

The Saints had met with other veteran receivers like Hakeem Nicks and Denarius Moore but decided to go with Vincent Brown.  Both Nicks and Moore have had good careers thus far, but the Saints must have seen something promising in Vincent Brown.  Look for him to be a bit of a teacher to the young receivers on the Saints, even if he doesn’t get as much playing time as he might like.

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