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New Orleans Saints Mini Camp

03:00 June 17, 2015
By: 2Fik

New Orleans Saints Football team practicing on day one with no pads this afternoon on June 16, 2015, photographed by Gustavo Escanelle. 

  • LB Stephone Anthony was constantly around the ball, flashing his instincts and athleticism. He looked like a stud and the Saints haven’t even put pads on yet.

  • WR Brandin Cooks was coming out of his breaks looking great. Right after someone had mentioned this to me; Cooks came out of a bubble screen and flew down the field. Expecting big things from Cooks in his sophomore season.

  • WR Nick Toon also looked good and active as well, and should have more of an opportunity this year to carve out a role.

  • WR Josh Morgan broke through for a long touchdown, one of the best breakout plays the team had.

  • DB Terrence Frederick had a nice interception.  


Sean Payton's Quotes:

On Stephone Anthony:

“He’s around the ball. Certainly can be a leader.”

On rookies picking up the schemes:

“So far it’s going pretty well. Biggest challenge they face is picking up the scheme pretty quickly. We’re far enough into it now, those guys will get extra work when [the vets] are off.”

On WR Nick Toon:

“I’ve said this before, but I think this year will be a good opportunity for him.”

On his first adventure in the NFL:

“It’s been enjoyable. Embracing the opportunities that I have. Thankful man. Can’t get enough. I’m living the dream.”

On his own personal expectations:

“Embrace my role. Whatever role I have embrace that. And make the best of it.”

 On first days out being in camp:

“It’s been good, just trying to get better everyday. adjusting to the learning curve. But it’s going well.”

Andrus also mentioned Zach Strief as a mentor for him early on.

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