New Orleans Rock Band Bag of Donuts Releases New Music Video Featuring Dr. John

15:00 August 26, 2016
By: Lindsay Kornick

Bag of Donuts is not just playing pop. They’re playing “Superpop”! The native New Orleans party band just released their latest single “Superpop” with a brand new music video featuring funk legend Dr. John.  

The “Superpop” video, produced and designed by Kurt Coste, takes everything from rock and pop to rhythm and dance in a multi-colored mish-mash of fun and outrageousness. Although Bag of Donuts is known for covering classic hits, their original song truly captures the spirit of their group not only in appearance—including color, makeup and dress—but also in performance, and everything in between. To make matters more interesting, the high-energy group teamed up with fellow New Orleans native and performer Dr. John to create the video.

“Pairing up with the king of regalia, Dr. John, aka 'The Night Tripper', seems like serendipity”, the band wrote about the six-time Grammy winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. With Dr. John’s noted background in funk, the band felt he would be perfect to help bring about a new single. Now, the single is available for download on iTunes with the music video available on the band’s YouTube channel.

This year marks Bag of Donuts’ 28th year of working together. “Superpop” also marks the first single released off of their first original album, also titled Superpop. The album is available for download with eight original tracks from Bag of Donuts. Although the group is expanding their original material, Bag of Donuts is still a cover band as well. Check out some of their best cover tunes as they perform at the upcoming 6th Annual Gleason Gras in Mid-City on September 24.


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