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New Orleans Rated Number 5 Best Food City for Couples…What?

09:00 July 21, 2021
By: Olivia Longoria

This month, MyDatingAdvisor.com apparently "proved" that Orlando, Florida has the most to offer regarding food experience for couples. (*sigh*) This conclusion was reached by comparing affordability, quality, diversity, and romance across known food capitols in the U.S. New Orleans was ranked number 5. Obviously, there has been a serious miscalculation.

The research shows a list of cities with a bullet point style description, listing cost of a meal for two, bottle of wine, beer, and cappuccino. Underneath is a list of the top five restaurants in that city. For Orlando, the cost of a meal for two is $50, and the cost of a bottle of wine is $12. A wide four spots below that lists New Orleans, where the cost of a meal for two is only $15 more at $65, and the price of wine is the same at $12. Is that really enough to rank New Orleans, a city with over 1,400 restaurants, in FIFTH place? The top restaurants listed for New Orleans in the survey are Bywater American Bistro, Willa Jean, Commander's Palace, Herbsaint, and Dooky Chase Restaurant. All of these are incredible, but in no way does this small list determine or define the quality of a date night in New Orleans. Hello, Brennan's isn't even on the list! Not to mention that a romantic date is an extremely broad category and could mean anything from brunch to picnic to three course dinners (New Orleans has great selections for any of those options by the way).

If it seems like there is some missing information, that's because there is. Before dinner cocktails! Mixology is a crucial part of a romantic evening and cannot be left out when considering the best cities in the country for a date night. Sure, in Orlando you can have a Mai Tai with dinner At The Diner, and there's nothing wrong with that. But in New Orleans, you can go to The Carousel Bar and have a Sazerac (which was invented in New Orleans) on a moving carousel and be in walking distance of five different 5-star restaurants that still won't blow an entire paycheck.

Look, nothing against Orlando, but there is simply no way to determine that any city offers a better date night experience than New Orleans. In addition to the plethora of fine dining, there are also hundreds of hidden gems and favorites whose charm simply can't compare to any list.

If you want to see the offense with your own eyes, find it at mydatingadvisor.com.

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