New Orleans Ranks 7th Best City for Football Fans

11:42 January 28, 2019
By: Michelle Nicholson

In a recent report by WalletHub that compared over 240 cities in the U.S. according to their football fandom, New Orleans ranked 7th overall and 6th among large cities. 

The report took into consideration 21 key metrics. Cities were divided by size and into pro football and college football categories. Pittsburgh scored the top position overall for pro football fans, while Clemson scored first in college football.

New Orleans stands out as one of the best places to be a fan in 30 percent of the twelve categories listed under pro football. The Saints’s number of NFL Championship wins and the average ticket price for an NFL game at the Superdome are competitive. However, what really makes New Orleans one of the best places to be a football fan are not only the performance of our Saints (5th place) and the enormous capacity of our stadium (6th place) but also the fans themselves, ranking 7th in attendance and 4th in engagement. 

While engagement was measured by the number of Twitter followers and Facebook “Likes” in each team’s official accounts, per capita, anyone who has been anywhere in New Orleans during a Saints game or viewed a YouTube video of a famous Who Dat Nation celebratory second-line could have guessed that being a football fan in New Orleans is where it’s at.

For the full report, including infographics, visit WalletHub, a personal-finance website, at

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