New Orleans Ranked As 9th Most Fun City

13:58 September 17, 2018
By: Philip Flettrich

Fun and America go hand-in-hand. Whether it is traveling the country with your family or spending a night out at home, Americans love to have fun. But what city in America can deem itself the most fun city? Wallethub, a personal finance website, recently conducted a study to find out which city in America is actually the most fun city. 

The study compared more than 180 cities across the United States. Key demographics for the study ranged from average festivals per capita to average movie cost to average hours that breweries stay open. Las Vegas, Nevada claimed the top spot, making it the most fun city in America. In second was Orlando, Florida with it wide array of theme parks, sightseeing and nightlife. 

New Orleans, Louisiana ranked 9th overall.  Tying for 1stin the festivals per capita category along with Honolulu and San Francisco. New Orleans is known for great food, parties and amazing nightlife. Louisianians found a way to make a festival for pretty much anything from shrimp and petroleum to jazz music.  New Orleans is a great city to be in during any time of year, and this study shows that New Orleans, Louisiana is a great city in America. 

Wallethub also used expert sources for this study; all of them are professors at major universities. The general consensus among the experts for what makes a great city for tourist and locals hinged on one component: safety. All of the experts agreed that well-lit areas that are easy to navigate, make the best cities for fun. They also agreed that the cities should have a lot of local traffic as well, if the locals do not want to have fun in the city, why should tourist want to. 

Regardless of which city is considered “the most fun city,” traveling with your family creates memories to be cherished. Every city in America is fun for its own unique reason. Go out explore our city, another city in your state or a city out of state. Family fun comes in all forms and America has great cities to make great memories. 

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