New Orleans: Number 5 Destination for Holiday Travel

11:45 November 22, 2019
By: Graham Andreae

Vacasa has also released their list of Top 10 Holiday Vacation Destinations Across the U.S. and New Orleans made #5 on the list. Last year, more than 112.5 million Americans traveled over the holiday season, and experts anticipate this record will be broken in 2019. According to data collected in cooperation with Allison+Partners, 69% of travelers plan to venture outside of their home state for the holiday season.

55% of travelers, when given a set of options to choose from, said their primary purpose for holiday travel is to spend quality time with loved ones. The article cited the fact that you need to clean far less if you are renting a property among many reasons to spend the holidays traveling. The article spoke about the Jazz and music culture present in new orleans as one of the draws of the city. (And the mild winter weather can't hurt.)

The guide closed on naming winter the best time to visit the city if you're interested, and to check out the Kwanzaa celebration at Ashe Cultural Arts Center, or check out the winter carnival. Whether you choose to check it out or not, New Orleans should be at the top of your list for travel destinations.

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