New Orleans Named One of the Ten Best Cities in America for Nightlife
Jan 08 2019

New Orleans Only 7th Best City in U.S. for Nightlife?!

By: Madison McLoughlin

For every 1,420 people living in the city of New Orleans, there is one nightlife-related attraction or business, unsurprisingly making the Big Easy the number seven best city in America for nightlife, according to an Apartment Guide article: “The 10 Best Cities for Nightlife in America,” by Brian Carberry. 

After finding the cities in America with populations over 100,000, the bars, clubs, nightclubs, breweries, and music and entertainment venues of each city were added together and then divided by the population of that city to get the ratio of nightlife venues to citizens. Ranked among cities such as Orlando, Florida, at number 10, with a ratio of one nightlife venue for every 1,649 residents; and St. Louis, Missouri, at number one, with a ratio of one nightlife venue for every 1,143 residents, New Orleans features 176 bars, 16 breweries, 81 clubs, and four music and live entertainment venues, according to Apartment Guide.

The article also listed the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in each of the top 10 cities, with one-bedroom apartments in New Orleans averaging rents of about $1,425 a month, the third most expensive rent on the Apartment Guide top-10 list.

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