New Orleans named #1Local Restaurant Search
Oct 04 2019

New Orleans named #1 Local Restaurant Search

By: Caroline Glattly

With the advancement of technology, finding food options is as easy as asking, "Hey Siri,
search 'food near me!'". Based on a new study by Google Ads, searches for "food near me"
have surpassed searches for the Kardashians and the past two royal babies! With a plethora of
food options from pizza to PO-boys, it's no surprise that New Orleans ranked the #1 city for
searching restaurants.

Top search categories include Chinese, Sushi, Mexican and Italian. In fact, the US
searches for pizza 33 times more than Italy. With a thriving food scene and a variety of late-
night food options available across the city, New Orleanians can go just about anywhere in the
city to find delicious options. Popular options include Juan's Flying Burrito for Mexican,
Reginelli's for Italian, Bao & Noodle for Chinese and Origami for Sushi!

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