New Orleans: Fifth Best City to Find Love

09:29 September 19, 2019
By: Caroline Glattly

In a world of dating apps, finding love can be as easy as the swipe of your thumb, but what if certain cities are easier to find love in than others? In anticipation of National Single's Day (September 21st), released some fascinating data examining which cities have the best dating culture for singles, and the Big Easy is number five on the list!

Renters in over 100 cities were asked how satisfied they are with dating opportunities in their cities based on the following metrics: Dating Satisfaction, Social Satisfaction, Dating Affordability and Percentage of Singles. New Orleans scored a 90% on Dating Satisfaction and a 96% on social satisfaction - likely due to the thriving event scene and nightlife of the city! Nola hit some lower marks with Dating Affordability at 66% and percentage of singles at 82%. These percentages are still high enough to earn a final score of 85% - not too shabby!

With National Single's Day coming up, plan a date at one of the cities most romantic spots! From a stroll through the City Park Peristyle to catching a live jazz show at the Spotted Cat, there is no shortage of romantic things to do in New Orleans.

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