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New Orleans Animals Need Checkups, Too

15:36 March 10, 2017
By: Shelby Stewart

Do you have a pet and can’t afford the high veterinarian prices? We have a solution. New Orleans now has a new affordable spot to take your pets. Low Cost Animal Medical Center has just opened at 4300 Washington Ave. in New Orleans.

The Low Cost Animal Medical Center (LCAMC) is offering affordable care to all New Orleans pets. This new location is designed to serve over 30,000 dogs and cats annually with quality vet care. This is good news for many NOLA pet owners, since the price for veterinary care tends to be very high. Beginning this July, LCAMC will also offer 7,500 low-cost spay/neuters per year.

The Low Cost Animal Medical Center is a 4,500-square foot hospital that features multiple exam and treatment rooms. All rooms have state-of-the-art, top-quality equipment for your pets. LCAMC has experienced veterinarians on staff—Dr. Shannon Landry, Dr. Timothy Troia, and Dr. Marisa Muniak—with assistance from vet techs.

 Approximately 162,577 people live within three miles of the Low Cost Animal Medical Center. (So, what better time to take your pet to the vet? You might be closer than you think.) According to an LCAMC press release, “These New Orleanians own approximately 94,836 dogs and cats, of which 75 percent have never been to a veterinarian and 34,689 are not spayed/neutered. Low Cost Animal Medical Center’s mission is to help this community and ultimately lower the number of animals that enter local shelters or that are relinquished to our city’s streets.”

LCAMC has high hopes that the residents of New Orleans will now take advantage of the new pet center. The organization’s founder and Chairman, Copey Pulitzer, shared, “We hope that all pet owners in our community, especially those who have never taken their pet to a vet because they believe they cannot afford vet care, will take advantage of our top-quality, low-cost services.”

Not only will the LCAMC service animals, but they also help students. The Low Cost Animal Medical Center plans to work closely with LSU’s Vet School and Tulane University’s business school towards becoming a teaching facility for their students.

The LCAMC is a nonprofit whose goal is to end the needless and horrible suffering and killing of dogs and cats in the New Orleans metro area. You can call ahead for an appointment and walk-ins are most welcome. What’s your excuse? Go get your pet checked out today at the Low Cost Animal Medical Center of New Orleans.

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