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New Orleanians Will Have the Chance to be In a Reese Witherspoon Produced Movie

09:00 April 09, 2021
By: Valeria Vivas

There's a new film project coming to town, continuing New Orleans's status of "Hollywood South," that is currently searching for background actors for some of its scenes. The upcoming movie will be an adaptation of The New York Times Best Selling novel Where the Crawdads Sing and will be produced by Oscar winner and NOLA native Reese Witherspoon. The screenplay was written by Lucy Alibar, who also worked on Beasts of the Southern Wild.

The movie is set during the 1950s and 1960s in North Carolina, where a lonely marsh girl named Kaya is abandoned by her family and forced to be raised by the land. Eventually, she becomes the suspect of a murder case of a local man she had once been involved with.

The opening jobs for this movie are for anybody who wishes to take part as a background extra and receive compensation for it. People ages 18 and above are to receive $105 for every 12 hours, and minors will receive $80 for every eight hours. Filming will take place in and around New Orleans and Houma starting from mid-April to mid-June. No prior film experience is required.

Anyone who wishes to participate must send an email to with the subject line reading CRAWDAD's GENERAL BACKGROUND. Please make sure to include your name, age, contact number, height, and weight, along with your city and state of residency. The following clothing measurements must also be included with your submission:

MEN: Shirt neck/collar measurements, pant waist/inseam measurements, shoe size, and coat size.

WOMEN: Bust/waist/hip measurements, blouse/dress size, pant size, and shoe size.

Please make sure to include the following questions, along with your answers, to successfully complete your email submission.

WOMEN: Do you have dye in your hair? If yes, are you willing to wear your hair natural color/style?

MEN: Are you willing to grow out your hair so that your hairstyle is not modern? Are you okay with being shaven?

ALL: Do you have tattoos? If you answered yes, please list locations of tattoos and include photos. Do you have braces or gold teeth? Are you willing to take a nasal swab COVID-19 test prior to filming?

Submissions must also include a proper photo submission, which should include one head shot and one full body shot while standing in front of a solid wall and wearing a neutral-colored shirt.

Applicants must show their current hairstyle and answer if they are open to a haircut. If you are able to wear your natural hair, please do so. It is encouraged that you submit photos with no makeup. Also, applicants should not submit professional photos, black and white photos, Instagram-style photos, or photoshopped photos.

For additional information on how to submit, please visit

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