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New App Informs You If McDonald's Ice Cream Machine is Broken

10:45 November 09, 2017
By: Michael Fulkerson

We've all been there—you sit patiently in the McDonald's drive-thru line only to hear those devastating words.

"Sorry, our ice cream machine is broken."

Well, an app developer has finally heard your cries for help and is trying to do something about it. After years of McDonald's customers complaining online and in person that the fast food giant’s soft-serve machines are out of service all too frequently, there is now an app that aims to tell you whether or not you’ll be able to control your craving for frozen McD treats before you even hit the road.

The app is called Ice Check, and it's currently available for Apple iOS devices. The app allows users to search for their nearest McDonald’s and then shows them the status of its ice cream machine in real-time.

If you're the unlucky soul who discovers that a machine is down, you can be a good Samaritan and mark the location as “off", saving others from feeling that same disappointment. If you don't see much activity in your area, you can get the ball rolling and start marking your local restaurants.

“I came up with the idea for the app around a year ago, after a late night Oreo McFlurry craving went unfulfilled due to the ice cream machine being down,” Raina McLeod, the app’s creator, told BuzzFeed News.

There is currently no word on when the app will make its way to Android phones.

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