Natalie Mae & Her Unturned Tricks

00:00 April 28, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré

Her soft, Dolly Parton-like vocals are classic, but her words are modern. In this latest album, Natalie Mae & Her Unturned Tricks have maintained that folk -blues Americana that has placed the Northern-born songstress in the local limelight. More Than you Know is a display of clear-cut candid poetry and bluesy musical chords intertwined with Mae's sultry southern sounding vocals. This "lady singing the blues" is only a recent Southerner. Native to Michigan, Natalie moved to New Orleans to attend the college of music at Loyola University. Learning as much as possible about the music industry was only a perk for the talented singer who took her musical career in a more artistic direction. The melodic songwriter is also a very talented musician with skills in playing a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, fiddle, banjo and the ukulele. With support from her folk-singing parents, Natalie has been confident enough to put her music out and develop her craft in the musically influential city of New Orleans along with her hometown. More Than you Know is simply another demonstration of Natalie Mae & Her Unturned Tricks' ability to create dynamic and soulfully charged rhythms. This album is a Southern charm from a Northern-Midwest spirit. With tracks like "Hold on, Little Love" and "No One but You," More Than you Knowis a fitting example of Natalie's natural-born ability to create melodic and free-flowing sounds atop such emotionally charged lyrics. Along with Natalie Mae, this album included a few guest musicians such as Kerry Hayes (harmony & cello), Rebecca Crenshaw (fiddle) and Adam Hains (guitar). Also in that mix of fantastic musicians is Natalie's Unturned Tricks including: Josh Wexler (keys), Patrick Fee (drums), Ted Long (bass) and Alex Bachari (lead guitar).

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