My City: Stirling Barrette

19:17 May 19, 2015
By: Emily Hingle

Stirling Barrette creates designer eyewear that represents the culture of New Orleans with his new company Krewe du Optic. Barrette was an artist specializing in photographic collage when he decided to pursue art of a different kind. “I was looking for an outlet where I could be really creative, but still be an artistic entrepreneur. Photography is line and composition. Designing glasses is not that different. Even though they’re two different mediums, they work off of the same principles,” explains Barrette. The crew at Krewe du Optic not only creates quality, yet affordable frames, they use them for artistic purposes that you can see on their site at “We’ve worked with some amazing artists: Meschiya Lake, Maggie Koerner, we’re about to launch something with Kristin Diable. In the whole brand image of Krewe, we truly have a bond with the art community. It’s ultimately people expressing themselves. Our goal is to bring together a musician, a filmmaker/photographer, and a wordsmith to capture whatever creative moment happens,” says Barrette.

  1. Hazel and Florange/Gaudet Bros., 2702 Chartres St. – It’s a boutique with two barber chairs in the back. I go in, I have a scotch, I get my hair cut, and it’s very enjoyable.
  2. Merchant, 800 Common St. – I get coffee there every day because I work upstairs, but I enjoy the atmosphere in there because everything’s been chosen deliberately. I enjoy spaces that have been designed deliberately.
  3. Bar Tonique, 820 N. Rampart St. – It’s like being in the Quarter without being in the Quarter with all the tourists. It’s dive-y, but they make good drinks.
  4. Oxalis, 3162 Dauphine St. – It just opened; they have an amazing court yard. It’s great bar with great food. I had a burger with bone marrow and cheese.
  5. Bike Riding, Uptown/Downtown – On Sundays when it’s nice outside, I love bike rides. Typically, I go up Magazine all the way to Bacchanal, then back to my place in the Warehouse District.
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