Texas, Texas by Deltaphonic

19:30 September 24, 2015
By: Kevin Quinet

The local band Deltaphonic, on their debut album, Texas, Texas embodies New Orleans music to the fullest and adds spice and everything that is nice. Deltaphonic takes all of the great music genres (not just the typical NOLA sound alone) and has built within this album, an Iron Man, new-school sound to New Orleans music…while maintaining the sound of the heart and soul of the city.  

Their debut album, Texas, Texas is a gumbo of sounds of every kind that really got me thinking…how the hell isn't this band all over the world? They give a taste of everything from track 1 until the finale, track 11. To be honest, I had only heard of their name and heard that they were great, but after over four to five listens, I cannot say enough about this band, this album, and their future.

This is in no way an imitation game, but the opening track, "No Star" is a mixture of Pearl Jam and The Zac Brown band, which is quite high praise. But what makes a great artist/band is having those attributes-- not as a crutch, but as a jumping-off point for their own musicianship, lyricism, and flavor. I also heard hints of Tom Waits in "Housecat" and Dr. John in "Forgiveness".

This band covers every genre with finesse. But you can tell the roots of Louisiana are entrenched. Deltaphonic is a quilt, pieced together with the fabric of America and musicianship that you could never fathom in a full album, top to bottom, these days. There is not a track I skipped, nor a track I didn't have “replay” set for.

Deltaphonic has a CD release at Howlin' Wolf (The Den) on the 10th of October. The band plays on Frenchmen Street regularly, has backed local legend Doctor John, and has also been a part of other collabs. They put in more than a hundred hours in the studio to make the exquisite, Texas, Texas.

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