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Mura Masa Poised To Deliver Multi-Instrumental Total Sensory Experience at Republic on Saturday, October 7

09:32 October 05, 2017
By: Katey Ceccarelli

Mura Masa poised to deliver a multi-instrumental total sensory experience to Republic crowd Saturday, October 7.

Acclaimed enigmatic sound bender Mura Masa makes his New Orleans debut this Saturday at Republic NOLA. The 21-year-old singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Crossan is a native of Guernsey, a small English Channel island off the coast of Normandy. He began bedroom producing at age 16, and the moniker Mura Masa appeared on SoundCloud shortly thereafter. The alias is an homage to the famous 16th-century Japanese swordsman Muramasa Sengo, who is said to have crafted deadly, cursed instruments of war.

A quick coast through the artist’s discography reveals Japanese cultural influence in tone and instrumentation, apparent on 2014’s Soundtrack to a Death and the unmistakable career-launching earworm “Lotus Eater.” More impressive even than his swift ascension from small-town teen to A-list producer in demand, Mura Masa’s sharp technical prowess and proclivity for infectious beats have positioned him as a tastemaker on a grand scale. His live sets are said to be electrifying.

Mura Masa’s style can be characterized as a fusion of R&B/hip-hop and synthy future bass with radio-ready pop sensibility. Thumbing through the works of the precocious young talent reveals a Rolodex of high profile collaborations — many of which elapsed between the years of 2014 and 2016, now to be included on his major label debut LP Mura Masa (Anchor Point/Interscope). Charli XCX lends sass to “1 Night,” “All Around The World” is buoyed by Kanye West-backed Desiigner, and the infectious single “Love$ick” features none other than A$AP Rocky. A$AP raps over a track that originally appeared on Mura Masa’s 2015 EP Someday Somewhere (sans dollar sign). There are layers here. And a career with esteem far beyond Crossan's mere 21 years.

Iconic BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac is quoted to have said the artist is “intimidatingly talented for someone of his age, it’s obvious that Mura Masa’s breadth of music production will stand the test of time.” With not even a quarter century under his belt and a finger firmly on the pulse of an intersection of burgeoning genres, the sky is truly the limit for this unique talent.

Don’t miss Mura Masa’s North American Fall/Winter Tour with Joey Purp at Republic NOLA Saturday, October 7. Doors are at 10 p.m. and tickets are still available.

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