Muggers, Sluggers, and Other Buggers: An Art Showcase

09:59 August 02, 2016
By: Noah Stokes-Raab

Ever heard of White Linen Night?  The event during which people dressed in mostly white walk around, looking at local art and boutiques, listening to live music and eating delicious food?  What about Dirty Linen Night?  It’s not actually all that different from White Linen Night, despite the obviously intentionally different name.

From August 13th until September 9th, Dirty Linen Night will be featuring one of its galleries’ works at Antieau Gallery.  Alongside the well-known work of Chris-Roberts Antieau, the works of John Pappas will be the main sight to see.  His work is being featured in a gallery reception called Muggers, Sluggers, and Other Buggers.

The name of the reception reflects the type of art that John Pappas creates.  He creates portraits of less-than-loved people of significance in history.  He uses traditional methods, using simple tactics like his pen-and-ink style to portray these unsavory characters in a seemingly unbiased way.  A very interesting way to showcase the people he depicts in his work.

At first glance, his artwork seems fairly pedestrian, as if it’s something you’ve seen before.  Once you take a closer look, however, and actually walk in and take in what you’re looking at, it’s quite unique.  He puts a very interesting spin on his genre of art (if you will) that can be understood and comprehended in multiple ways.

While Dirty Linen Night showcases the work of many artists and galleries, all of which are definitely worth a visit, Muggers, Sluggers, and Other Buggers is 100% a must-see.  Don’t miss out on seeing John Pappas’ work alongside the work of Chris-Roberts Antieau at the Antieau Gallery on Royal Street.  You won’t want to miss it.

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