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Movie Review: Thelma

07:00 June 21, 2024
By: David Vicari

Thelma (2024)

Sometimes, you want to curl up with a pleasant little movie that is not a hyper assault on your senses. Thelma fits that bill. It's a nice comedy-drama and an actor's picture.

[Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures]

The title character is 93-year-old grandmother Thelma Post (well played by fine character actress June Squibb), who falls for a telephone scam and loses $10,000 of her own money. However, the elderly lady wants her money back, so she recruits another senior citizen for help, her friend Ben (the late Richard Roundtree in his final feature film performance), who has a motorized scooter. Together, they travel on the scooter to the P.O. Box address where she mailed the money. Thelma's daughter (Parker Posey), son-in-law (Clark Gregg), and grandson (Fred Hechinger) are extremely worried and desperate to find her when she disappears to go on her mission.

First time feature director Josh Margolin, who also wrote the film, based the main character on his real life grandmother, Thelma, and the events in the film are also loosely based on her adventures. The strongest aspect of the movie is the bond between Thelma and her grandson, Daniel. Thelma feels useless because she is old, while Daniel feels useless because he's not very good scholastically, especially in math. Squibb and Hechinger work well together, and I can't forget to mention Squibb and Roundtree, who are fantastic together as two elderly people trying to make their way in the current high-tech world. And there is also a small but memorably hilarious role by Malcolm McDowell.

Thelma is currently playing at the AMC Elmwood Palace and the AMC Westbank Palace.

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