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Movie Review: One Life

07:00 March 18, 2024
By: Fritz Esker

One Life (2024)

Director James Hawes' moving new film One Life tells the story of Sir Nicholas Winton, a British stock broker who helped hundreds of Jewish children escape Prague when the Nazis were about to take over in the months leading up to World War II.

Winton (played by Anthony Hopkins as an old man and Johnny Flynn as a young one) is a stockbroker who goes to Prague to volunteer for humanitarian aid. While there, he notices the plight of the many Jewish refugees in the city, specifically the children. Winton is initially told there is no way to get the children out of Prague en masse, but he soon sets his mind to it, enlisting the aid of his mother (Helena Bonham Carter) to drum up support back home.

To One Life's great credit, the film manages to make bureaucratic struggles seem compelling. While there is a sense of danger to what Winton is doing and the children are facing, much of the PG-rated film's conflict stems from Winton's dogged efforts to overcome mountains of paperwork and government officials who are initially reluctant to be bothered.

The 86-year-old Hopkins proves he still has formidable acting chops, and he is matched by Flynn as his younger self. The finale of the movie is no secret to anyone who googles Winton's story, but it is still likely to provoke tears in many audience members.

There hasn't been a strong marketing push surrounding One Life, but it's a movie that is well worth seeing.

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