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Movie Review: 65

07:00 March 17, 2023
By: Fritz Esker

Adam Driver plays an astronaut whose ship crashes on a mysterious planet full of dinosaurs in the new thriller 65.

Driver's character is partaking in his mission to raise money to help his sick daughter. The details of the mission are largely unknown, aside from its length (two years). After hitting an asteroid field, his ship crash lands and almost all of the passengers in cryo-sleep are killed. The exception is a young girl (Ariana Greenblatt) who doesn't speak the same language as Driver. They have to make their way to where the other part of the ship landed where they can access an escape pod.

Of course, the dinosaurs on the planet try to stop them. And that's it for the plot of the 93-minute-long film. There's nothing wrong with a simple survival story told economically, but when character development is at minimum, the film will rise and fall on the strength of its action set pieces. But directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods' dino action is more workmanlike than dazzling in a Spielbergian way. It's never bad, but it does not get the blood pumping the way it needs to for the film to truly work. The best suspense bit is the use of a lightning flash to briefly illuminate something our heroes cannot see.

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