Miller High Life Introduces Limited Edition Champagne Bottles

14:12 December 27, 2016
By: Anthony O'Donnell

High school students, vagrants, and thrifty hipsters can all agree on one thing: Miller High Life is delicious and cost-efficient. High Life rivals Pabst Blue Ribbon and Keystone Light for the dubious distinction of America's cheapest beer. Their 32 ounce cans, which are roughly the size of a rocket-propelled grenade, retail for $1.50 at Walgreens and many NOLA gas stations. That means a six pack's worth of booze will run you under $4 (if you're willing to drink from an unwieldy and intimidating container that makes even the burliest hand look like a child's).

Now, they're introducing another unique way to live the High Life. Miller's oldest brand (it debuted 113 years ago!) has decided to solidify its claim to the title of "The Champagne of Beers." The slogan was a reference to High Life's golden color and over-the-top bubbliness, and the beverage was actually originally marketed in miniature champagne bottles. Miller is now introducing High Life in a new receptacle modeled after the traditional shape of a champagne bottle, just in time for your "classy" New Year's Eve party. The bottles will hold 750 ml, or 25 oz., somewhat less than the big-boy cans, but with an infinitely more upscale presentation. So far, the bottles are only available in the Chicago area and online, but if Chicago prices are accurate nationwide, this is a pretty cheap souvenir- they're running for only $2.00. That's about the same price as a 25 oz. can, leaving those living the High Life no excuse for not upgrading their aesthetic.

Miller High Life Introduces Champagne Bottles

Picture courtesy of Boozist

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