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Miike Snow Rocks Republic NOLA

23:23 June 14, 2017
By: 2Fik

For a few years now, Miike Snow has been a steady and dependable indie rock band with an electronic, poppy twist. Over the course of three albums, including last year's iii, the mostly Swedish, American foursome has blended elements as varied as dance music and up-tempo rock hits.Their music stirs up images of a conscientious, thought-provoking Abba, but less refined and more willing to branch out and take chances.

Last night at Republic, Snow and opener Klangstof both delivered with solid, engaging sets that were different in their own ways, but also easily accessible to each other. A little after 9:30 p.m., Snow took the stage, shrouded by a glowing screen displaying random images of streets, strobelight-enhanced backdrops, and plenty of uneasy images, as the more-often-than-not danceable aspects of the music were made to shine as bright as the stage show.

Opening with recent album opener “Trigger,” the band seemed at ease and ready to envelope the crowd. Most of the band followed suit as American singer Andrew Wyatt engaged the sizeable—but not too hard to manage—crowd. It was a Tuesday night, but you would have thought it was a weekend raver by the enjoyment displayed by both crowd and band.

Throughout the set, all the obvious hits were introduced, to much applause and dancing. “Genghis Khan,” early in the set, brought everyone’s game up a notch. Other offerings, such as “The Heart of Me” and closer “Animal,” realigned the crowd and band in a beautiful crescendo that had everyone smiling and happy for a random weeknight show in the Crescent City.

This was my first time seeing them, and it was well worth the time and energy. I’m tired and weak today, but that usually means it was a good time. If you get a chance to check out this forward-thinking indie pop ensemble, I highly recommend it. No one, including the band, seemed unhappy with the back-and-forth energy of the show. Those are always the best shows; the audience fuels the band, and the band in turn brings it up again—much to the delight of the crowd that was willing to lose itself like animals in an open field, free to love and cultivate a happy ending to another busy weekday. 

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