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Metalblade Records Celebrates 35 Years of Metal at the House of Blues

11:32 March 17, 2017
By: Emily Hingle

The interesting aspect of this showcase was the variety of the bands on the bill, namely the juxtaposition of Cattle Decapitation which has been around since late 1990s and Whitechapel who got their start about ten years after CD. Because of the eras they’re from, they have totally different sounds, styles, and looks; needless to say, they have very different fans although they both play metal. Subgenres of metal are wide-ranging, believe it or not. This clash of music lovers made for some interesting people watching at times. I don’t know how it happened that there was a trail of blood drops on the floor, but the staff ensured that pretty much everyone walked away with as little bruises as possible and with a good story to tell.

Having seen this militant vegetarian band once before, I’ve noticed that Cattle Decapitation’s sound has migrated from a steadfast grindcore sound where the vocals are mere quick, unintelligible grunts in their case about what humans would experience if they were slaughtered like animals for sustenance, and the music was tight, extremely fast beats with rapid guitar and bass notes. Cattle Decapitation can now be considered deathcore where sections are more melodic or classic. I like it either way, and at least you can get into the groove at some points now. Travis Ryan did not disappoint on the mic; I enjoyed his newfound vocal stylings and his Rob Halford-esque operatic moments. Cattle Decapitations typical fan is in their 40s or older and have been lifelong, hardcore metalheads.

Whitechapel’s fans are in their earlier thirties to late teens. This band has much more crossover and even mainstream appeal playing less offensive and spooky metal that more people can get into. As my friend commented, the singer looked far more like Adam Levine than Ronnie James Dio. The outfit erupted on the stage; Phil Bozeman took to his riser in order to shout out his lyrics while towering over his ravenous fans at the very front of the barricade. Bodies started flying in pits and body surfing up to the front; they just want a chance to be close to the band. As they touted their latest record Mark of the Blade, the crowd surged with a mixture of delight and cathartic fury. Unfortunately, they played for precisely one hour. No one was ready for them to take their leave, but slowly they meandered out and waited at the buses hoping to get some closure from the members of Whitechapel.

Don’t fret if you missed this show! There’s plenty more for you metalheads and rockers coming up at the House of Blues.

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