'Merry Morrow Christmas' Gives Back to Families

00:00 December 21, 2016
By: Emil Flemmon

"I just like giving back to others because I get blessed, you know?" ~ Larry Morrow

Larry Morrow continues to be a staple in the city of New Orleans with his philanthropy towards the community. Therefore, it's no need to question why giving back during the holiday season is any different for the young entrepreneur.

As an editor, we get the privilege to report on a variety of topics and a part of that is being “present” for each event we are invited to. Being “present” allows us to soak in the emotions seen by all participants in order to create a well written article. This holiday treat provided the emotion needed to see others enlivened from gaining useful necessities and wants for deserving families.

On Dec. 19, Morrow teamed up with Pelicans SG Tyreke Evans for "A Merry Morrow Christams" which gave to presents to three families by way of the United Way of South East Louisiana program.

What was good about this was seeing firsthand how a group of people can bless another person, or multiple people in this case and actually feel the joy that exudes from the selfless act.

'Merry Morrow Christmas' Gives Back to Families

Morrow and Evans hosted the event with the help of publicists JT Thomas and Katy Sandusky along with their friends in media at the Storyland Carousel Gardens in City Park.

With gifts, edibles, foam bubbles to illustrate snow and the joy on the children's faces, you couldn’t help but be moved by Christmas spirit and its theme of giving.

For many, Christmas is about the celebration and birth of Jesus Christ, time spent with family, friends and overall, the act of provision. Morrow and company did exactly that, successfully.

The admiration of this isn't based on what he's accomplished for himself, but for a choice Morrow makes for the sake of his own heart that can never be questioned.

'Merry Morrow Christmas' Gives Back to Families

Evans presence throughout the event was nothing less than being meek and mild mannered. He even helped one of the recipients unwrap their gift and packed all of their belongings in a pile for the child to marvel at later. Here’s what he said when we asked him about his on holiday spirit of giving:

On giving back to the families:

When I was kid, I didn’t get a chance to get everything that I wanted so I told Larry that I was up for giving back. I’m not much of ‘Christmas’ guy but I didn’t mind providing for the families with Larry.

On what gift Evans has given himself since being in the NBA:

In Sacramento, I bought my first car, a Benz. That was the only time I got myself a gift.

On if Evans kept his first car:

I got a newer now [laughs]. It was F550 so yeah, I just upgraded really.

Morrow, being business savvy as ever during the brief conversation, never disappoints in communicating in a diplomatic fashion to even the smallest of questions. Check out his words below:

On who partnered up with you to provide the gifts to the families:

It was myself, Keenan [Lewis] and Tyreke. We just split it three ways because we wanted to do our fair share of work alongside the United South.

On what gift Morrow has given himself for Christmas:

Honestly, I don’t really give myself gifts. I mean, I buy things for myself but really, I just like giving back to my family with all the things that I do. That makes me feel good, you know?

This won’t be the last charitable event for Morrow. He explained that he’s looking forward to next year’s “Hope for 2Morrow” gala and his star studded Jan. 13 “All Black Birthday Affair” which will see the likes of Kenny Burns, Lil’ Kim, and “The Breakfast Club” hosts Angela Yee and DJ Envy at the Metropolitan. All black attire will be mandatory. Tickets and more information can be found online at LarryMorrowEvents.com

'Merry Morrow Christmas' Gives Back to Families

'Merry Morrow Christmas' Gives Back to Families

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