Maurepas Foods’ edgy new cocktails

00:00 August 09, 2012
By: David Vicari
Brad Smith's bubbly Merriweather [Courtesy of Anne Berry]

Beyond the season's bounty, Brad Smith's latest cocktails show a strong sense of what's hot in the spirits world: namely, carbonated cocktails on tap, pre-batched punches and beer-based cocktails.

"I want our list to cover a broad scope," explains Brad, Maurepas Foods' "Chief Intoxicologist". Besides: "I obsess about cocktails all day, every day."

He tapped the first carbonated cocktail at the Bywater eatery a week before Tales, though that offering (a Paloma) has since been drained.

On draft these days is the Merriweather, a variation on a gin sour - here, dry gin gets a splash of herbaceous green Chartreuse, orange flower water and rhubarb bitters, all brightened with nearly an ounce of fresh lime juice.

The lime shines in this bubbly, perky and tart drink, which comes to you in about 30 seconds.

"Our draft cocktails will always be carbonated…and have a citrus component," says Brad. "The brightness of the citrus acid stands up to the sharpness of the bubbles." He's playing with an amaro and cola on draft for fall.

Another newcomer to the menu is an ever-changing punch (listed as Tomorrow Hates You). This day, the punch is a bold blend of fruity vodkas and herbs; pre-batched, it can be served by the glass. "The punch will change almost daily," Brad says. "It's a way to highlight adventurous recipes" in a vintage format.

Of the three new cocktails, the Omergerd (think Kristin Wiig's Target lady when you say it) is most likely to linger on the menu; this apricot-infused bourbon is topped with Belgian ale.

Maurepas Foods, 3200 Burgundy, 267.0072

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