Courtesy, Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh, Oysters, and Spirits: Antoine’s Restaurant Book Event 2022

12:00 June 14, 2022
By: Izzy Wollfarth

When someone ask you what the best part about New Orleans is, what do you say? Do you mention the most famous and legendary oysters from Antoine's Restaurant with a secret receipt that so far, the public knows only to neither have bacon nor spinach? Or do you mention the ghost that haunts the Hotel Monteleone or the above ground graves that surround the Mortuary every Halloween? The right answer is that there is no right answer. New Orleans cannot be defined simply by one thing but is described as a multitude of different parts. To further learn how to explain all these aspects, the city turns to Mary Walsh, who manages through her novel Fine Spirits Served Here. Through this novel, Walsh combines literature with iconic New Orleans culture, food, and destinations.

The Ultimate Combination and Explanation of New Orleans via Literature

Award-winning author Mary Walsh bases her novel, Fine Spirits Served Here on famous spots in New Orleans as well as famous dishes like the Baked Alaska and Oyster Rockefeller from Antoine's Restaurant. Her novel predominantly follows Will, a server at Antoine's Restaurant who encounters Elle, someone he insists he has met before. As the novel progresses, Will begins to learn of a deeper connection between himself and this thought-to-be stranger, Elle. While on this journey, Will hits famous New Orleans spots such as the Faulkner House Books, Bourbon Orleans Hotel, Beauregard-Keyes House, and The Spotted Cat Music Club in Marigny. Walsh's novel is so decadent in descriptions of New Orleans cuisine that it makes her book event held at Antoine's Restaurant very fitting and a must-attend.

The Event in Detail

On June 25, Antoine's Restaurant on 725 St. Louis Street, will be holding a book event centered around Walsh's Fine Spirits Served Here. The event will be held from 2-4 p.m. with the Hermes Bar at Antoine's Restaurant serving a special and possibly phantom beverage for all guests over 21. While not everyone will be able to indulge in the mysterious and ghostly drink that the Hermes Bar has to offer, this event is and encouraged for all ages. Walsh will be signing and selling copies of her novel; paperbacks are $15 and hardbacks are $25. Aside from this, the event is free and is a great one to attend for all avid readers, fans, and New Orleans residents. Through this, New Orleanian can get a glimpse into a staple of New Orleans cuisine, a glimpse into the ghost side of the city, and splurge on some New Orleans spirits and literature. Happy reading, drinking, and learning!

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